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About Fairway America
  • Fairway America was founded in 1992 by its CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Matt Burk. Fairway coined the term ‚ÄúSmall Balance Real Estate‚Äù (SBRE) in 2012 and with it defined the common thread of an industry. Fairway has been investing in SBRE deals since then and managing its own discretionary SBRE funds since 2001. Since 2012, Fairway has helped to architect, structure and create more than 125 funds and syndications for other SBRE entrepreneurs and managers around the United States. Fairway‚Äôs core business strategy is to identify, create and engage in long-term relationships with high quality SBRE stakeholders, which includes both SBRE entrepreneurs and investors. As both SBRE entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we have a visceral understanding of the space.

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Fairway America's Address: 6650 SW Redwood Lane, Portland OR, 97224

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