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About Xpress Loans 911
  • A private lender for real estate based out of North Carolina. Xpress Loans 911 provides private money loans to real estate investors in the Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington area.

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Xpress Loans 911's Address: 9532 Scotland Hall Ct, Charlotte, NC 28277

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  • Anthony Rodriguez
    October 13, 2020 at 11:38 am

    Xpress loans 911 is a major scam!! Andrew of Xpress loans sent me a term sheet for 15% down at 6-8% interest on a 30 year loan in which I had to pay 1,295$ commitment fee. Once I paid and went through the loan process with Rory Fernandez the underwriter , the week of closing they told me they couldn’t find a loan with those terms. I was calling them multiple times a day to make sure everything was ready for closing and they still dropped the ball, and now are just keeping my money AFTER THE OWNERS Robert & Jill Berg said they would refund my commitment fee if they couldn’t find me a loan with my terms. TERRIBLE COMPANY THEY WILL KEEP YOUR COMMITMENT FEE AND NOT FIND YOU A LOAN !!!!

  • Jill Berg
    October 13, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    Anthony I think that you have the information wrong, We did have an approval for you, but you used your own appraiser and did not pass the Appraisal Review and we had said that our Investor of Insurance Pool is requiring another appraisal. We offered to pay for your appraisal for the property that you signed on the term sheet. You then came back and said to Rory that you are doing your own owner financing for the property. We applied your fee to another property and got you an approval on that property as well and Rory discussed the terms and you were very verbally abusive towards me, and my staff. We have every email and telephone recorded conversation with you in bound and out bound. You were non-Compliant with us and we were more then happy to help assist you but please understand that all properties are subject to satisfactory Lender due diligence underwriting including: satisfactory appraisal, environmental screening report (documenting no environmental risks), specific historical and current operating expense explanations, satisfactory credit review of the borrowing entity and Key Principals, and satisfactory review of the property’s market and submarket.
    Please note the proposed financing of the referenced transaction.This is merely a general proposal, and is neither a binding offer, nor a contract. Borrower understands that no such offer will be forthcoming prior to completion of appropriate due diligence and underwriting performed and/or contracted by Lender. No party shall have any legal rights or obligations with respect to the other unless and until a formal application for the potential loan is signed by both Lender and Borrower.
    On behalf of Xpress Loans.
    Again, the terms outlined above are for discussion purposes and represent a summary of the structure and pricing, Lender is willing to consider for approval. Concerning the Fee We are not scammers, My Staff has worked very diligently on your file and has been transparent. If you go onto our Website we have great reviews since 2015 we understand in this business we cannot please everyone. Anthony, you can lash out and say negative things about Xpress Loans but you know and I know the true facts. We have always been there to help and assist. “We Lend You Grow”.

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